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I first became involved in this amazing bush tea story after publishing my book, A Look Over The Edge which was the achievement of a life long dream - to write a book one day!  Writing a book is one thing, marketing is a whole new learning curve. I began taking my book and many similar books to large field days, and set up a small business, Aussie Outback Books.  Sorry book lovers - I have taken the book website off for the time being as I am not able to maintain it up to standard. However, I have a long list of books under Aussie Outback Books on this website.  Please contact me if you want something that is not listed or does not have a buy button at the moment. 

After a 5 year break I attended both Mingenew Expo and Dowerin Field Days 2011 with the books and have a regular slot at the local Mundaring Markets with the books.  This year I went to the 2012 Wagin Woolorama with Aussie Outback Books for the first time.

It was through the books my first introduction to Scaevola spinescens came via a story contained in the late George Latham's wonderful book - Copperwire George, where in his words he tells the story of how white people in Western Australia first found out about the 'maroon bush'. He also tells another story of a lady he put onto the maroon bush tea for her cancer, leaukemia I think it was, and how he lost track of her and met her again 20 years later in good health.

After writing 'A Look Over the Edge' I determined not to write another book until I had a big enough inspiration. I found my big inspiration - This amazing little plant. 

I am not attending so many country Shows and Field Days now.  Some of my Aussie Outback Books are listed on this Site. Please call if there is a particular book you want that you might have seen on my stall.  Please call first to arrange house visits. Thanks, Jeanie




I continue to welcome any personal stories of the use of this plant to become part of a future revision of the book outlines the history of its use in Western Australia and also any information on the plant which may aid in research.  This will continue to bring together a pool of information and experience to help individuals who want to try something different but are not sure which way to go.  Please contactme if you have anything you feel should be included in this book, or you may wish to contact me for something else - whatever reason I look forward to hearing from you.  If you feel you can help or want to add your voice in any way please don't hesitate to call me or email.  Jeanie 

16/8/2011.  Well, I set myself a deadline to have the Maroon Bush Story as I call it finished in time to take it to the 2011 Dowerin Field Days.  The book Nature's Helping Hand - Scaevola Spinescens, History and Use in Western Australia   The Maroon Bush Story is now in print and available. The book is priced at $38.00 plus postage and packing within Australia, more postage outside of Australia. You can purchase the book from The Maroon Bush Story page on this site.

The book contains: My introduction to the Maroon Bush story, Newspaper articles from 1947 to 1985, Health Department notes, University Research Notes, Recipes and stories of use for various conditions.  It has a great colour cover and colour pictures throughout and is stitch bound so it should last very well.

Jeanie Crago, Aussie Outback Books
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Above Picture:  Linda (Barrett) Davies, Chris Barrett, Jeanie (Barrett) Crago, and Susan (Barrett) De Marco

Note:  On the cover of A Look Over the Edge we are Jeanie, Susan, Chris and Linda in front.