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Dear Jeanie,  Thank you again for supplying the Bush which I feel has had so much to do with the result of yesterdays checkup. It was so good to have my feeling that I was better, confirmed. In the four and a half months that I have been taking the 'tea', (the scan last January) the tumour on my kidney has gone from 4cm across down to 1.8cm. I have never seen a medical man so amazed and excited as yesterday when he saw the results on the scan. He has kept all my scans to take to a conference with his colleagues this Thursday. Let us hope it will bring some more acceptance by the medical profession of the value of bush medicine. Needless to say I am still excited at the result and find it hard to even write respectfully, but I also accept that I must not take it for granted that I am cured. I know I must continue the treatment and be thankful for the way things have gone.  Enough from me.  Thankyou again. RF
Dear Mrs Crago,  I am an 83 year old retiree....After losing a kidney 15 years ago due to cancer I have been in remission until the beginning of 2004. At this time I was diagnosed with lung cancer and was given 4 months to live. Because I have only one kidney I declined chemical treatments. Due to my heart complication and pacemaker I declined radiation treatments and adopted Estelle Leyland's scaevola spinescens herbal tea method. For your information I have been harvesting woody parts with leaves and flowers with wood no thicker than a pencil. I keep this material fresh by freezing it. To make the herbal tea I use 100gms of the cut up material to one litre of water made into a strong tea.  No Name supplied.
Letter from a mother April 2006.
Dear Jeanie,  Our 7 year old son was diagnosed with Non Hodgekins Lymphoma in 1996. He had a primary tumour in the Thymus gland and dozens of other tumours all through his body. Prognosis without treatment - 6 months. Our immediate reaction was what alternative care was on offer to combat the shocking side effects of chemotherapy. We used everything that was suggested but over a 15 month period found what seemed to have the most impact. Mucuous membrane ulcers are a shocking side effect of certain chemos. To see a child so ulcerated from the inside of their nose right down into their throat that they cant bear to drink, eat or talk is a heart wrenching experience. It didn't take long to realise that once we started our on on 'Jungle Juice', the horror of mouth ulcers was gone. He never suffered them again. Fortunately he had a nasogastric tube so was alleviated the nasty taste, but I recommend it to anyone facing the trauma of chemo. 9 years on and we have a happy healthy teenager working as an apprentice chef.
Mrs R

Scaevola Spinescens - History of use by R.F. 25/6/07
Being semi retired since 1996 I remained reasonably active with no serious health problems or indication that there was anything wrong with my health.  In November 2004 I had blood in the urine two mornings in a row, and fortunately I went to the Doctor.  Xrays showed a large tumour on the left kidney.  Dr Breytenbach arranged for me to see Mr Sydney Weinstein at Hollywood Hospital for treatment.
I had scans on 21/11/04 and entered hospital that day.  Next morning I had treatment and in the afternoon of 24/11/04 I had an operation to remove the kidney and cancerous tumor.  Because of the size of the tumor and position on the kidney it was an extremely difficult operation and full credit must go to Mr Weinstein and his staff for such a successful result.
After 9 nights in hospital I left and stayed four days in Perth in which time the stitches (metal clips) were removed, then home to the farm.
First checkup was 11/01/2005.  Scans considered OK.  July 2005 Checkup.  Scans passed as OK but Mr Weinstein not happy about a spot on the right kidney.  Requested more scans.  Two more trips to Perth in 2 weeks.  The spot was cancerous and because of its position on the kidney an operation would be more difficult than the first one.  I decided to do nothing at the time.
January 2006 - more scans.  The news was not good.  The tumor had doubled in size in 6 months.  An operation was considered too dangerous to be sure of a good result, but could be done if requested.  Decided to do nothing.

Several alternate remedies were considered in the next two months, but nothing got interest.  I was becoming depressed at this stage at not achieving anything.
23/03/06.  I received a phone call from a friend about Maroon Bush.  I decided I had to do something.  I was given the phone number for Jeanie Crago near Coorow with a recommendation for the treatment.  Phone call to Jeanie and discussion and I ordered a kilo of sticks (dry mulched maroon bush) on 24/03/06 which was posted that day.  The parcel was in the post here on Monday morning 29 March.  Everything seemed to be working out so well that it was very encouraging.  The parcel included instructions on how to use the sticks.
I made the tea brew and took the first dose on March 29 and regular doses were taken at 100ml three times per day from then on.
August 2006.  Checkup scans.  Great results.  The tumor had gone from 4cm to 1.8cm.  The Medical profession could not understand the change.  Would not accept that it was the Maroon bush tea, but recommended I continue taking it.  Next check made for 9 months ahead. 
May 2007.  Usual scans.  The Radiologist wanted to know in his report if I had had an operation.  The tumor had gone from 1.8cm to too small to measure accurately.  Mr Weinstein was amazed.  Agreed that it must be the tea doing it.  My next appointment is for November 2008 (18 months) unless there is a reason to contact him earlier.
It is now the end of June 2007.  I have recently turned 79 and feel very well.  Apart from some shoulder muscle problems I am reasonably fit. 
I truly believe that the use of the tea made from the bush scaevola spinescens (Maroon Bush/Murin Murin bush) has been responsible for my present health.  This plus the well wishes and prayers of all the folk who have supported me since November 2004.  Especially my thanks to my wife R and to Jeanie Crago who has supplied most of the bush I have used and given me much encouragement.

My Own Story  
Hi Everybody,
Last week I had a visit to the breast screen clinic at RPH on 14/12/06.  I had become concerned re 'the lump' as it had been aching in that area more than usual lately.  It was last checked in May 2005 and before that Oct/Nov 2004.  On both of those visits it was quite visible and measurable with unltra sound.  A needle biopsy test was done on both the 2004 and 2005 visit to check it.  It turned out to be 'benign breast change' which sounds awful, but at least it is benign.     
This time under ultrasound there was nothing visually different or measurable in that area  - it all appeared as normal breast tissue.  There are two small cysts in other areas, however these are not of concern.
The Doctor advised me to add evening primrose oil capsules to my growing list of alternatives as she believes this will decrease the cyclic aching I get. It is really good to hear a Doctor promoting natural alternatives rather than Hormone Replacement Therapy.  She also agreed I should continue my bush medicine.
I am becoming more and more convinced as I talk to many people with cancer that we need to keep our bodies as balanced as we can with minerals and vitamins so that our immune systems are strong to fight off disease and infection.
So there you go - I guess I should not be so surprised.   I am extremely pleased. 

Letter dated 9/9/1970
To: Mr A. T. Monck
I have a history of skin cancers dating back to 1930. The first one was treated with XRay by Dr DS  in that year. The second one was treated by Dr F about 1941. Since then I have had five treatments at Perth Radiological Clinic by Dr AN, the last one was about 1965. About 18 months ago I had another ulcer similar in all respects - including a hole in top, to the last one treated with XRay by Dr N. It was then I got in touch with Mr Monck with a view to trying out the Scaevola Extract. This I did - applying it on a band aid spot and changing the dressing every three days. After one month it became very sore and I left off the treatment for a fortnight. By this time the lump seemed slightly smaller. I gave it another 15 days treatment by which time a big reduction in size was noticeable. I then gave up using the scaevola and applied Savlon cream only each night. The lump completely disappeared in about a month and I have had no sign of it since. I next tried the extract on a lump in the lobe of my ear. This had been slowly becoming larger over a period of nearly 12 months. I applied the extract to this by painting on with a brush for about a month. Except for a slight soreness I could not detect much change. I then decided to try and get some penetration of the extract by thinning it down and gently rubbing it in with my finger. This apparently worked as within a week the lump was almost gone and completely disappeared within another week without any further treatment.
My next experiment was on the laft hand side of my nose. Over a period of over 2 years I had a running sore there. It would heal up for several months at a time and then break out again. Eventually this developed into two sores. About 3 months ago the sores healed up, but a lump developed with two smaller ones at each end. They were about 1 cm from end to end. Being in a prominent position I could only treat them at night. I did this by painting the extract on with a brush. At the end of one month there was no notable change. I then decided to try the method I used on the ear lobe, gently rubbing in with my finger. The reaction was clearly noticeable in three days. A scab started to form. within a week and I applied the extract to this with a brush for 3 more days and then let the scab mature for one week. On bathing this off I was agreably surprised to see a very big improvement in the size of the lump. One month later I applied the same treatment for 4 days again and let the scab mature for a week. On bathing this off I found still more improvement and I am confident that one more treatment of three or four days will completely clean this matter up. Of course I have not sufficient medical knowledge or evidence that either of these last two instances were malignant, but with my history of skin cancer there is every possibility that they could be. Besides the foregoing, I also removed two moles from my face with the scaevola extract. Yours sincerely RD

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Medline references one study done containing the plant (you probably already know this, but for others who may not):

Semple SJ, Reynolds GD, O'Leary MC, Flower RL.
Screening of Australian medicinal plants for antiviral activity.[/url] J Ethnopharmacol. 1998 Mar;60(2):163-72.
School of Pharmacy and Medical Sciences, University of South Australia, Adelaide, Australia.

Extracts of 40 different plant species used in the traditional medicine of the Australian Aboriginal people have been investigated for antiviral activity. The extracts have been tested for activity against one DNA virus, human cytomegalovirus (HCMV) and two RNA viruses, Ross River virus (RRV) and poliovirus type 1, at non-cytotoxic concentrations. The most active extracts were the aerial parts of Pterocaulon sphacelatum (Asteraceae) and roots of Dianella longifolia var. grandis (Liliaceae), which inhibited poliovirus at concentrations of 52 and 250 microg/ml, respectively. The extracts of Euphorbia australis (Euphorbiaceae) and Scaevola spinescens (Goodeniaceae) were the most active against HCMV. Extracts of Eremophila latrobei subsp. glabra (Myoporaceae) and Pittosporum phylliraeoides var. microcarpa (Pittosporaceae) exhibited antiviral activity against RRV.

PubMed link

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I take the tea derived from the Maroon Bush.
About two days after i started taking it a skin cancer on my cheek started to change and has now up and left.

I know of someone who takes it and no longer has cervical cancer, another who takes it and no longer has bowel cancer and another who takes it and their cancer is being suitably controlled and reduced with no other treatments. Whether it is the tea that is producing these effects is not for me to say. I take the tea because i believe it is. I believe it will rid me of cancer.
I would recommend it to everyone.
The doctors wanted to give me radiation that would increase the risk of other types of cancer. I declined that treatment. This tea gives me some satisfaction that i will continue to remain healthy and cancer free with no risks. I consider it part of an overall plan to promote health that includes diet, exercise, vitamins and rest. All these things combined are i'm sure a cure.
Anyone who looks for a magic pill is fooling themselves, whether that pill be herbal or pharmaceutical.

The doctors i mentioned the tea to, suggested that the mechanism of the tea working was of stimulating the immune system, however there are reports of the tea killing human cytomegalovirus of it's own right, so perhaps it's a combined effect. 

Friday 2 February 2001   
The Health Sciences Graduation Ceremony 2001
 Monday 5 February 2001 
The John Curtin Centre Forum -
Curtin University of Technology - Bentley Campus

Clive Deverall, former Executive Director of the Cancer Foundation of WA, will be recognised as an outstanding leader and innovator at the Health Sciences Graduation Ceremony from 7:00pm on Monday 5 February 2001 at the John Curtin Centre at Curtin University of Technology…………………. Research into a “bush-medicine” anti-cancer remedy will see Curtin student, Philip Kerr, awarded a degree of Doctor of Philosophy.  His research was conducted through theSchool ofPharmacy.  Philip’s doctoral studies investigated the complex natural product chemistry of Maroon Bush.  The native plant has an anecdotal reputation in WA and South Australia as an anti-cancer remedy, and enjoys valued status as an Aboriginal medicinal plant.  Dr Kerr’s research may have identified a number of chemical compounds of importance in the biological activity of Maroon Bush…………….