Bush Medicine
Sorrow looks back! Worry looks around! Faith looks up!


To make the tea

1.  Soak the tea potbag in 2-2.5 litres of water for 24 hours  (in the fridge in summer).

2.  After soaking boil for 10 minutes and simmer for 30 minutes or more with the potbag still in the water/tea

3.  After boiling store in fridge with teapot bag still in (it gets stronger).

4.  Dark Grape Juice or Apple Juice make the tea taste less bitter.  Or use 1/2 and 1/2 with boiling water to make it hot.  Or drink with Peppermint tea or my favourite Blackadder tea (liquorice).

5.  Begin with small amounts at first.  Take 100ml three or more times per day.  If unusual symptoms occur discontinue, or modify the amount taken.

6.  If teapot bag pops open, sieve through a paper towel.

7.  To make stronger (or reduce to a stronger extract) leave pot over heat just simmering to raise steam, but not boiling until water content reduces to desired amount, being careful not to burn dry. This can be taken as far as a sticky treacle-like paste for treating burns and skin problems.

My thoughts in a nut shell!

I am often asked what else can I do to help myself get well?  Hence these notes.  

Below are some things I believe have merit which can be taken along with the Maroon bush tea to give you a boost, an edge to assist the body to heal itself.   You will need to give it some real care to get over your illness and whatever caused it. 


If you have unhealthy habits such as smoking, junk food or something else you know about, Now is the time to quit.  You may need some professional help to do this.


Eat healthy food, with a minimum of good quality, healthy meat. Load your plate up with fruit and veggies.   Make your plate like a pie chart, with meat being the smallest portion. Avoid, or keep milk products to a minimum. 

Use only the best oils and fats.  

Drink good quality water, not scheme water, or use a good water filter.


You could add fruit and vegetable juices as a regular thing. (6-8 Carrots, 4 sticks celery, 4 apples, 3-4 lettuce leaves, 2 beetroot and a couple of chunks of lemon make a great drink).  These amounts are only guidelines.  You can experiment.  Google Live Food Juices for more information and testimonies.

Grape seed extract and Olive Leaf Extract are supposed to be very good for you too.

Good vitamin and mineral supplements are important as we don't always get it in our food. 


Google Lemons -Sometimes I blend a whole lemon with a little water until it looks like custard. Then add 3 dessert spoons of lemon mix to a dessert spoon of honey in warm water. 

Remain positive, try not to dwell on anything negative and if you find yourself thinking sad or negative thoughts flick a mental switch and think of something that makes you smile. (Easier said than done, but do try)   Positive thought and attitude attract more of the same.

Where possible reduce stress from your life.    Take time to concentrate on your health and wellness, I believe the benefits will be worth it.


Best wishes,  Jeanie Crago,  0427888662