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Scaevola Spinescens {Maroon Bush, Murin Murin, Prickly Fan Flower, Currant bush} 
'Scaevola spinescens/Maroon bush is an Aboriginal bush medicine and has traditionally been used by Aboriginal people for the treatment of cancer, heart disease, intestinal trouble, urinary problems, kidney trouble and general illnesses. It is believed to be beneficial in the treatment of cancer.' paraphrased from the book 'Wajarri Wisdom, by Estelle Leyland. Anecdotal evidence over many years suggests this plant may be a useful aid in the treatment of illness including cancer.  My personal experience, (I do not have cancer) is that it may give the body a boost and may even have antiviral effect.

Scaevola spinescens/Maroon bush grows in semi arid areas throughout much of Australia except Tasmania and Victoria. It is a medium size shrub, with stiff upright branches, thin leaves in a long oval shape, which come off the main stem in clusters, with spines which make it quite prickly. The flowers are creamy white to yellow with petals spread like an open fan. After the flower comes the small purplish berry or currant. For a clear picture and description of Scaevola Spinescens and other bush remedies see the book Wajarri Wisdom, by Estelle Leyland .

"Firstly, we found that Scaevola spinescens has a good broad spectrum antibacterial activity, giving it potential uses as an antiseptic agent and as an antimicrobial agent for bacteria and fungus which are resistant to currently used antibiotics. This work supports and confirms a previous study from Susan Semple’s laboratory in South Australia.

Secondly, and perhaps more importantly, our studies have also demonstrated an antiviral bioactivity for Scaevola spinescens. The Semple laboratory has previously also demonstrated the ability of Scaevola spinescens extracts to inhibit the growth of a specific virus, cyclomeglovirus (CMV). Our studies examined the ability of Scaevola spinescens extracts to inhibit the growth of general RNA viruses. As most medically important viruses are RNA viruses, the discovery of broad spectrum antiviral agents is particularly important. There are currently over 60 antiviral drugs on the market but most of these are very specific, targeting HIV and various herpes viruses. Only a couple of broad spectrum antiviral drugs are currently available, the best known being oseltamivir phosphate (Tamiflu). Whilst still in the preliminary phase, our studies indicate potential for Scaevola spinescens compounds as an RNA virus antiviral agent and confirm and validate the usage by Aborigines of Scaevola spinescens in the treatment of multiple viral diseases. Our studies are ongoing in this area."     Dr Ian E Cock, Department of Biomolecular and Physical Sciences, Nathan Campus, Griffith University (from the book "Nature's Helping Hand - Scaevola Spinescens, History and Use in Western Australia, The Maroon Bush Story", by Jeanie Crago, available from this website 

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The Maroon Bush Story. 

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