Bush Medicine
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Maroon Bush Tea Pot bags. These are big pot bags (not 1 cup jigglers), and should make enough tea to last up to one week.

Please Note:   The Department of Environment (DEC) has declined to renew my licenses and points out that Sceavola Spinescens has an S4 classification. Current advice is that I should no longer supply the tea.    

Maroon Bush tea (Scaevola spinescens) has been used by Western Australians since the early 1950's The Health Department (WA Chemistry Centre) supplied it to cancer patients for many years and as recently as 2005. (see Health Dept 2005 Annual Report).  In the 1950's/60's a trial was run through the Health Department, however no records were kept.  There is a strong anecdotal history suggesting therapeutic benefit.   Further research is vital for the future of the use of this plant.  I am very interested in working with anyone keen on generating further research. I also continue to collect true stories for a future revision of the recently published book on the history and use of this plant.  'Nature's Helping Hand - Scaevola Spinescens, History and Use in Western Australia, The Maroon Bush Story' , which is now available from this website.

Please contact me on 0427888662, or email me through my contact page if you have any questions. 


Jeanie Crago


1 x 5 x 50g (5) Maroon Bush Tea Potbags
$100.00 plus postage


2 x 5 x 50g (10) Maroon Bush Tea Potbags
$200.00 plus postage

4 x 5 x 50g (20) Maroon Bush Tea Potbags                                                                                       $400.00 plus postage